Bus Bar Trunking System For Electrical Power Distribution

Bus Bar Trunking System is the is a system of distributing electric power using copper or aluminum bus bar with suitable enclosures and good amount of protection to prevent the cables from getting damaged due to foreign bodies.

•    Due to the compact designs, bus bars require lesser space than traditional cabling systems .
•     The system of cooling is much better than traditional cabling system.  
•    Flexibility: They are easily modifiable and hence the addition of an extra room or building can be easily done. Bus bars can also be relocated without much of a capital expenditure.
•    Cost Savings: Bus bars can be mounted easily than a cable and incurs a lesser cost of installation than traditional cables.  
•    Better Resistance: Bus bars have rigid design elements and hence has better resistance than cables, especially in case of short circuits.
•    Reduced Loss of Energy: Bus bars have lower resistance than cables. Hence the loss of energy due to transmission and distribution is lower in Bus bars
•    Lower Electromagnetic Field:   lower electromagnetic field is created around a Bus bar as compared to a cable. Hence, data cables which is free from electromagnetic interference.
•    Safe and Secured: Bus bars are fitted with a steel casing and cannot be damaged by rodents as compared to cables.


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Safety Features
  • Service Life
  • Flexibility to Requirements
  • Installation Cost
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Aesthetic
  • Size
  • Mechanical Strength


  • Low
  • Less
  • Low
  • No
  • High
  • High
  • Poor
  • Large
  • Low


  • High
  • More
  • High
  • Yes
  • Low
  • Low
  • Good
  • Small
  • High

Technical Comp

  • Voltage drop
  • SC withstand capacity, Protection against fire, Combustive energy
  • Average service life is >20 years
  • Load can be added and adjusted on the existing system
  • Shorter installation time, less support & space required
  • Maintenance free system
  • Compact in size and well finished surface
  • Single run for multiple circuits
  • Metal Enclosure