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CNC Rebar Bending Machine

Diameter Reducing Machine

Portable Rebar Cutter

Portable Rebar Tying Machine

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Rebar Bender

Rebar Cutting Machine

Steel Bar Straightening And Cutting Machine

Stirrup Bending Machine

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Mobile Mini Scissor Lift Platform

Roller Pallet


Wheel Forklift

CNC Rebar Bending Machine Purpose: Automates the bending of rebar to precise angles and shapes, enhancing speed and accuracy. Benefits: Reduces labor costs and increases production efficiency with programmable settings for complex bending operations. Diameter Reducing Machine Purpose: Reduces the diameter of rebar ends to facilitate easier threading and coupling. Benefits: Ensures strong, consistent joints in construction reinforcing by preparing rebar ends with precision. Portable Rebar Cutter Purpose: Provides a mobile solution for cutting rebar to size on-site. Benefits: Increases flexibility and efficiency in rebar handling, enabling quick adjustments and minimizing material waste. Portable Rebar Tying Machine Purpose: Automatically ties rebar intersections, significantly speeding up the rebar setting process. Benefits: Enhances worker productivity and reduces physical strain, leading to faster project completion rates. Rebar Bender Purpose: Manually bends rebar to required angles on-site. Benefits: Offers portability and simplicity, ideal for smaller projects or where CNC machines are impractical. Rebar Cutting Machine Purpose: Provides high-volume, precise cutting of rebar to specified lengths. Benefits: Streamlines the preparation of rebar for large-scale construction projects, ensuring consistent quality and fit. Steel Bar Straightening and Cutting Machine Purpose: Straightens bent or coiled steel bars and cuts them to precise lengths. Benefits: Optimizes material usage and reduces preparation time for steel reinforcement. Stirrup Bending Machine Purpose: Specifically designed to produce stirrups from straight rebars or coiled steel. Benefits: Automates the creation of consistently shaped stirrups, crucial for reinforced concrete structures.