With vast experience in Engineering field, Besto Exim is offering Supplying of all engineering items by mean of Technical Selling.

There is vast difference between just selling & in Technical Selling, as name depict Technical selling mean to understand customer’s requirement in depth & then suggesting to product, which

• Saves money also by avoiding multiple buying
• Saves customer’s valuable time by supplying desired & right product
• Over the years, Besto has built-up a substantial reputation and is actively engaged in supplying of all spares & parts.
• Offering latest & innovative products, which not only more energy efficient & safe, but also yield more output.
• The Company’s strengths lie mainly in the in Importing/trading of all Engineering items, including Spares, consumables, tools etc.
• On our valued customer’s recommendation, we can stock for you & may deliver at your place free of cost (in case you turn out to be our major customer)
• Besto Exim Co. Ltd is one of the Premier Engineering Company, which is specialized for procurement of any spare/parts, which may save substantial amount of time & money
• We have the knowledge, capabilities and local presence to handle specification of any any engineering item and stand on commitments towards satisfying the demands of our clients in all aspects. Our reputation for supplying the desired items on time within budget and to the highest quality has made us the partners of many clients


As part of our philosophy, we have built the knowledge, expertise, and human resource base to standardize professional practices within our offered solutions and services. Besto has been an entrepreneur in developing its own methodology to meet Quality & Project Management international Standards. Our project execution procedures are tailored to meet customers’ requirements. Besto’s main objective has been to reach a high degree of specialization with the aim of providing a global solution for clients.

To bring a greater level of transparency, convenience and trust to the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia by making it easy for shoppers to compare prices, discover products and get the best deals from thousands of online shops. Besto become most preferable vendor for providing Excellent Products & Solutions in the region, we bring the safest, most sustainable & optimal solutions to our clients.

Be recognized by our clients as their best partner in the development, delivery and management of superior engineering & design solutions.

We strive to be our clients’ most trusted provider of professional services by consistently exceeding their expectations and bringing the highest value to each relationship. In pursuit of this Mission and in support of its Values, we:
• To be a leader in Engineering Supplies in the global market.
• To become the customers’ most preferred choice by attaining excellence in quality and timely completed
value added projects.
• Provide the highest quality service to our clients.
• Strive to support our projects with the most advanced technology to ensure we take advantage of the
efficiency and accuracy that it offers.
• Consistently improve our deliverables to our clients and add value to their organization.
• Forge lasting relationships with our clients by listening and addressing their needs in a manner that
will allow all of us to be successful.


We are committed to grow as a premier industrial engineering organization in the region, by delivering right quality product with
reasonable price to our valued customers helping him to focus on core issues.

At Besto we believe that continuously striving to excel at the following core set of values will lead to long-term profitability, growth and enhanced ability to serve our clients.

• Provide Professional and Technical Excellence - providing Professional and Technical Excellence to our clients is at the root of what we do.
Continually improving our employees’ skills allows us to deliver on this core value. By constantly providing professional and technical
excellence and continually improving our abilities, we create the opportunity for our employees to grow and advance within our Company.
• Cultivate Long-term Relationships with our Clients - we believe that every project is an opportunity to develop a long-term
relationship with our clients. By constantly delivering on what we sell and adhering to our core values, we forge long-term relationships
that provide ongoing work.
• Act with Honesty and Integrity - it is expected of all employees to take personal responsibility for their standard of behavior
and for the decisions they make every day. Honesty and integrity must always be at the core of those decisions. Both of these attributes
are held in the highest regard and will always guide us to “Do the Right Thing.”
• Constantly Focus on Safety and Quality - safety is paramount to our Company. Ensuring a safe work environment
for our employees, clients and partners is the expectation. We believe that a focus on Safety contributes to overall Quality.
All Sharon Engineering employees work toward producing the highest quality work, both in the field and within our offices.
• Respect for our Employees, Clients, Partners, Vendors and Subcontractors - treating others with respect
allows us to demonstrate the professionalism that is expected by co¬workers and clients. Respect helps to facilitate
and encourage a cooperative team environment and collaboration that is necessary to provide excellent service to our clients