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Road Batching Plan




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Mobile Mini Scissor Lift Platform

Roller Pallet


Wheel Forklift

Asphalt Grader Purpose: Levels and grades the base layer of the roads before asphalt is applied. Benefits: Ensures a smooth, even base, crucial for the longevity and quality of the road surface. Asphalt Leveler Purpose: Precisely adjusts the elevation and texture of asphalt during laying processes. Benefits: Critical for achieving optimal compaction and surface smoothness, impacting overall road quality and driving comfort. Asphalt Paver Purpose: Lays asphalt on roadways in a uniform and efficient manner. Benefits: Increases the speed of road construction and ensures consistent thickness and smoothness across the paved surface. Asphalt Testing Equipment Purpose: Assesses the quality and composition of asphalt to ensure it meets safety and performance standards. Benefits: Essential for preventing future road failures and for maintaining compliance with international road construction standards. Road Batching Plant Purpose: Produces asphalt mixture in large volumes, ready for immediate transport and use at construction sites. Benefits: Enhances efficiency by reducing wait times and ensuring a consistent supply of freshly mixed asphalt.