NCH develops and supplies products to protect and improve a multitude of operations. Maintenance is made easy with NCH’s extensive collection of premium products that have been designed and developed to improve productivity and reduce cost.


We utilize advanced technology to continually improve formulas and create high quality products that stand the test of time. At the centre of the NCH ethos and product development processes are our customers, as well as our dedication to providing environmentally responsible, best in class solutions.



NCH absorbents are crucial to creating a safe working environment – they provide non-slip, protective solutions to commercial and industrial sectors. From emergency spill kits to anti-slip granules, NCH Europe can help your business follow health and safety procedures in one easy, integrated solution.

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Acid Descalers

Our acid descalers have been developed for a range of purposes across multiple sectors. Tartrox is a highly-concentrated stripper and descaler that has been specifically designed for the construction industry whereas Scale Tect FG is an organic food grade acid descaler that is suitable for use in food production areas (and is used to cleanse kitchen utensils).

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Building Maintenance

Seal surfaces and protect assets with NCH’s range of building maintenance products. For chlorine free paint strippers, concrete repairing, anti-graffiti wipes (and more!) browse our products to find a solution that reduces costs and preserves investments.

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Industrial Degreasers

NCH’s degreasing solutions penetrate grease and grime in a variety of industrial applications. Our range of industrial degreasing products exhibit useful characteristics such as low foam content, water soluble liquids, silicate free solutions and more.

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Industrial Hand Care

Under the continual exposure of harsh, industrial environments, skin becomes damaged and broken. Here at NCH, we understand the importance of developing hygienic skincare products that provide a safe working environment - put a stop to irreversible damage to hands.

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Rust & Corrosion

Rust prevention is key to the proper maintenance of metal products. The regular maintenance of daily working equipment (such as vehicles, tractors and diggers) is essential – NCH’s rust converting, removal and coating solutions can dramatically increase the lifespan of your metal equipment and work towards maximising profits.

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Vehicle Maintenance

The cleanliness of a vehicle is paramount to retaining its original quality and maximising its potential. Overtime, the build-up of traffic film, dirt and grease can have an irreversible impact on the wellbeing of an automobile. NCH’s vehicle maintenance products ensure that your fleet is getting the care and attention that it deserves.

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