ATS Digital

Crystal automatic transfer switch is suitable for two-path power supply
system with AC 50 HZ/60HZ, rated working voltage 400V, rated current
from 25 Amp. To 630 Amp. 


ATS controllers

ATS controllers used where you have to control a diesel generator connected to a load for emergency power in a standby configuration. ATS means Automatic Transfer Switch. 

Automatic Transfer Switch is a PC class three- section automatic transfer
switching device, mainly used for operating & transfer between two power
supply system (Main power and Backup power), this ATS can continuously
load 100% rated current.

It has following Protection & Controls: -

1.    Transfer delay
2.    Recovery delay
3.    Generator start delay
4.    Generator stop delay
5.    Over-voltage detection & protection
6.    Under-voltage detection & protection