Industrial Grease

Jan 18 , 2020

Industrial Grease

Industrial Lubricants, Oils & Greases for Use in Heavy-Duty Environments, In A Huge Range of Industries.

Lubricants range are suitable for:

  • Heavy equipment– our range of lubricants, greases and oils are ideal for use on heavy equipment in many industrial sectors including excavation and demolition, mining, pier and bridge construction and more.


  • Manufacturing– chemical processing plants, utility plants, industrial manufacturing facilities, smelters and foundries are just some of the manufacturing plants that we supply lubricants to across Asia.


  • Food processing– we supply food-grade lubricants that are authorized for use in food processing plants. Industries served include meat and poultry, food packaging and canning, and confectionery manufacturers.


  • Transportation– we supply lubricants, oils and greases designed for heavy-duty vehicles such as tractors, lorries, utility vehicles, road vehicles, cranes and forklift trucks.


We supply a Range of Industrial Strength Lubricants & Fuel

Protection Against Rust & Corrosion.



Prevents Rust & Corrosion Heavy-duty Lubrication type aerosol spray can White Lithium Grease


Chain & Cable

chain and cable solutions offer superior lubrication to prevent a number of issues



Compressor Oils

compressor oils are guaranteed to keep your compressors running smoothly and efficiently.


Gear Oils

gear oils keep your transmissions well maintained and gears fully protected.



Performing under extreme pressure and providing excellent water washout resistance.


Hydraulic Oils

hydraulic oils to protect your hydraulic machinery against wear and tear, oxidation and corrosion.


Metalworking Fluid

metalworking fluids to protect and cool metal work pieces and extend the life of parts and cutting tools.


Motor Oils

high-quality synthetic, semi-synthetic motor oils and mineral oils, suitable for either petrol or diesel engines.



Release Agents

A range of high temperature and food grade anti-seize and lubricating compounds, white oil and thread lubricant to reduce friction and damage from wear and tear.