Solar Power for Hot Water and Heating

The Sun supplies us with an enormous daily energy potential that exceeds primary energy consumption, this energy source is virtually inexhaustible and is also at our disposal for the next million years. Fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, or oil are, in contrast, limited.  

A Brief Of Solar System

Solar collectors are currently available in two types; Flat Plate Collectors and Evacuated Tube Collectors. Evacuated tube collectors have evacuated tubes each with a liquid filled copper conductor inside. As the liquid heats up it rises to the top of the tube where the heat is transferred in a manifold to the water from the cylinder.

Measurements of thermal energy are often expressed in British Thermal Units (BTUs), Solar water heaters
are composed of three main elements: the solar collector, insulated piping, & a hot water storage tank.

Solar Thermal Panels For Heating & Cooling

Evacuated tube collectors consist of rows of parallel, transparent glass tubes that have been “evacuated” of air, creating a highly efficient heat insulator for the fluid that runs inside the length of the tube. Evacuated tube systems are generally used when  higher temperatures or higher volumes of water are needed, as well as for process heating & solar air conditioning systems.

Solar Heat Collectors