Security Metal Door

Steel Security Doors for Residential & Commercial Sector

   A door is a very important element of your home. A door provides a definite security level by protecting your property from uninvited guests while also providing high noise and heat insulation. 
Widely used in residential and commercial areas, these doors add Luxury in addition to Corrosion & Termite protection with Long life. 
  Commercial Steel Doors are manufactured forming a hallow box occupied in with Impregnated Kraft Paper Honey Comb, which is joined to the Inner Sur face of the Door and closed for gaining much improved forte in comparison to a usual wooden door. These Commercial Steel Doors are then PU Powder Coa ted to recover the grace, matching with surrounding interior.

  Besto Exim Pvt Ltd. is established as renowned Manufacturer and Supplier of variety of Metal Products, all our products require low- maintenance & are cost-effective. Furthermore, we completely under- stand the changing dynamics of markets and henceforth utilize the modern technologies. 
Advantages of Steel Doors
• Durable and safe. • Energy efficiency • Recyclability & Environmentally friendly • Steel will not rot and is immune to termites and other insects • Steel is non-combustible and won’t help to the spread of a fire • Stronger connections resist earthquake movements & high winds • Steel doesn’t have to be treated with pesticides, preservatives or glues, adds up for better air quality.

Residential Doors

Besto’s Safety Entrance System offers the perfect combination of style and security. It is not only 4r designed to meet the stringent security parameters of an entrance door, but also present a welcome ambience to residences.  

Main Entrance Safety Steel Door                           Villa Main Entrance Safety Steel Door.

In-House Door

Commercial Doors

Fire Rated Doors

Besto’s specialized Fire Doors are designed to compartmentalize & contain the spread of fire meeting the most stringent requirements of life safety in commercial & industrial establishments. they are available with fire rating for 60, 90, 120, 180 and 240 minutes. 

Stainless Steel Doors

Stainless steel door is one of the strongest and most durable options for securing a building, and is highly resistant to rain Also it guarantees the greatest protection against dampness, heat, cold, chemical agents and other factors. 

Louvered Doors

Besto’s range of Louvered Doors is highly recommended where there is a need for cross - ventilation. Applications mostly are in generator rooms, swimming pools, plant rooms, boiler rooms, electrical sub stations & other commercial areas. 

Wood Grain Doors

    Besto’s Wood Grain Doors (Grain Tech) are superior quality steel doors embossed with wood grain patterns to replicate the visual aesthetic that is normally found in timber & veneer surfaces. Combining the strength of steel with wood, these doors offer the perfect combination of strength & performance, and can be used in both fire and non-fire applications. these doors are less prone to damage, are termite resistant, do not warp, twist, bow or crack and more importantly, 

Fire Hose Reel Cabinet Doors

Every residential /commercial complex need to have fire hose reel cabinets containing water spraying system

Rolling Shutter

Rolling Shutters are fabricated from high-quality steel rods to operate on the same principles of rolling shutter. This shutter can be integrated with grills or perforated panels to achieve ventilation or see-through vision. It is easy to install.