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Protection Against Lightning

Different Types of Protective Devices Are:-
(1.) Earthing Screen  (2.) Overhead Ground Wires   (3.) Lightning Arresters

Earthing Screen

The power station & sub-Station can be protected Against direct lightning Strokes by providing
Earthing screens.
On occurrence of direct Stroke on the station, Screen provides a low Resistance path by which Lightning surges are Conducted to ground.

It does not provide Protection against the Traveling waves which May reach the Equipments in the station.

Overhead Ground Wires

It is the most effective way of Providing Protection to trans Mission lines against Direct Lightning strokes.

It provides damping Effect on Any disturbance Traveling Along the lines As it acts as a Short Circuited secondary.

It requires additional cost. There is a possibility
Of its Breaking and falling across The  line conductors, thereby causing a short circuit fault.

Lightning Arresters

It is a protective device which conducts the high voltage surge on the power system to ground

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