Garment Transport Transport of manufactured garments on overhead  trolleys in batches, eliminates the use of problematic floor based trolleys.


Static Storage Cantilever arm storage
rails, with dynamic feed lines down each
aisle, reduce physical handling and allow
simple and flexible stock management.


Dynamic Storage Cross-dock facility
with dynamic storage of garments on
trolleys for high volume rapid through
put operations.


Telescopic Boom Retractable telescopic loading boom allows trolleys to be transferred straight
into a vehicle, or at a 90 degree angle.


Powered overhead conveyor for transfer of trolleys over long distances, between multiple operating
levels & for automation of trolleys


Trolley into Vehicle Monorail trolleys being loaded directly into the vehicle, reducing loading times to a matter of minutes.

Work Station of Unit Production System

1.    System Control Station
2.    Hanger Storage Station
3.    Loading Station
4.    Sewing Station
5.    Inline Inspection Station
6.    Thread Sucking Station
7.    Final Inspection Station
8.    Unloading Station

 When dealing with large numbers of garments on a daily basis, you want an operation that is smooth & seamless, and one that doesn’t take up valuable time for other duties. This Storage solution does exactly that. 

Multi-Function Facility Multi-tier garment storage
facility with picking and sortation area. Improves
product accessibility & visibility.

Overall, this is a modular system that is both durable and also has minimal profiles to keep storage spaces free. From start to finish, your garments should not have to be transferred, touched or removed, until they reach their destination, Streamlining your operation.

From the initial vehicle offload point, your garments are allocated into an inline live hold area, for sorting and bay location. With a mechanized incline conveyor, the garments can be transported directly up to a mezzanine level if necessary or carried on to lower bays of racking below. During the goods out process this process is repeated via a brush style gravity feed and to a small hold area, at the back of the system. This set up really does make storing and moving garments, easy & time conservative.