Sr. No.    Description
1    CO2 Cylinder
2    Master Valve
3    Slave Valve
4    Flexible Discharge Hose
5    Flexible Inter Connecting Hose
6    Non Return Valve
7    Inline Check Valve
8    Lock Out Valve
9    Directional Valve
10    Bleeder Valve
11    Safety Release Valve
12    Pressure Switch
13    Pressure Gauge
14    Solenoid Valve
15    Digital Weight Loss Indicator
16    Cylinder Mounting Frame
17    Manifold
18    Pressure Operated Siren
19    CO2 Discharge Nozzle
20    Weight Loss Indicator

Fire Suppression Systems

Clean agent fire suppression systems are gas-based systems. Because they are water less, non  electrically conductive, leave no residue, & are environmentally friendly, Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are used protect high-value property with minimized downtime, making them versatile for various applications, such as protection in chemical laboratories, data centers, and electric utility facilities.