We offer a comprehensive solution for Chemical Earthing Electrodes that Include Earthing or Electrode user interface which is raised by conductive Back fill and electrolytic salts, confirming a coherent path to the ground. Such extensive setup of our Chemical Earthing Electrode helps in making The ideal electrical connection to earth with a big semiconducting facade. Manufactured using excellent quality raw materials, our Chemical Earthing Electrodes exhibit superior physical characteristics and great electrical Conductivity, to make them one of the best available electrical electrodes In the market. We also check these Chemical Electrical Earthing Electrodes For quality at par with international quality norms.

Widely Used In

• Equipment body earthing
• Lighting arrestor earthing
• Manufacturing facilities & refineries
• Transmission & distribution system
• Telecommunication towers & microwave antennas
• Substation & power generators
• Computer & data processing centers


•    Low Fluctuation of OHMIC value
•    Super strong and durable in nature
•    Completely maintenance free
•    Keeps entire electrical setup safe
•    Anti corrosive in nature
•    Weather proof