Fire Doors

Why Fire Resistance Door is Needed

Practically there is nothing fire proof, even fire door, that’s why we doors are fire resistance for 30 mts, 60, 90 & 120 min etc. 

The purpose of such door is to isolate flame & smoke, which is erupted from fire can be isolated for some considerable time, to enabling people to exit the fire site. In the unfortunate event of fire, your ideal wish would be the fire not to be spread other places, our fire doors can resist fire up to few hours, thus giving you opportunity to plan rescue & escape in a planned way.

To restrict the spread of fire. A closed fire-resisting door is designed to with stand a direct attack by fire for a specified period of time. This should restrict the spread of fire through the building, gaining time for evacuation of the premises, and for active fire protection resources such as sprinklers & firefighters to perform their functions.

Besto offers advantage of producing doors with non-standard dimensions & special mounting, which have the same quality as the doors with standard dimensions & installation. Besto produces a vast variety of products, which make us a right choice of partner for large projects, which require many kind of doors.

The main requirement towards the doors is their protective function, mechanical strength and resistance to fire.Our Marketing Manager will help you since conceptual stage, competent inspection of the site or the project documentation of the building & will help you to choose the doors suitable for you. All technical issues can be analyzed by our designers, who shall offer you variants of possible solutions. 

Our mission is to offer our clients high-quality products at the most com- petitive prices. Besto is proud of its flexible approach, which allows us to give attractive prices to both doors of standard and non-standard dimensions.


Besto doors are manufactured only with Fire rated & excellent quality parts & accessories. All products are produced according to National Standard and the laws concerning building goods and materials.
Every detail parameter & specification used for essential Doors is checked at the beginning & the end of the production process. The products are tested before their dispatch to the installation site. The installation is done by highly-skilled professionals. 

Type Of Fire Rated Doors 

Based on Fire Resistance Time

Based on Sizes, we can further classify into

           Single Door (Leaf)                     Double Door (Leaf)


Fire protection is not expensive. The economic solid fire protection door set offers the necessary protection in less important, less frequented parts of buildings but where fire protection is required by the authorities. Such as

• Utility Rooms, • Cellar Passages, • Machine Rooms Etc., • A Universal Door • Offices, • Trade And

• Entertainment Centers, • Industrial Premises, • Warehouse, • Public Buildings, • Hospitals, • Laboratories.

Fire Exit Doors

Fire exit doors allows for faster evacuation, also it provided an alternative route to regular exit ( if it’s blocked by fire exit doors are essential provided with panic push bar for quick opening & auto closer).

Fire exit doors are types of steel security doors. Used in 

• Commercial And • Industrial Buildings, • Warehouses, • Offices, Shops, • Theatres              • Other publicly used facilities must have a fire exit door that meets legal requirements.  

The Difference between Fire Resistance & Fire Exit Doors

Fire Door                                                             Fire Exit

Doors Key Features Of This: -
• Manufactured In Mild Steel And Galvanized Sheet.
• Available Fire Ratings 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 Minutes.
• No Welding Joints And Sharp Edges Interlocking At The Stiles.

Main Functions Of Fire Doors
1. Hold Back Spreading of Fire in The Area.
2. They Work as A Fire Fighting Protection Shield.
3. Provide A Safe & Easy Exit at The Time of Emergency.
4. Securing & Protecting Life & Property by Reducing the Fire Harzard.
5. Offers A Ready & Safe Outlet from The Fire Area During Fire Break Down.